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Renumbering the CON29 Drainage and Water Enquiry

From October 2013 the Water and Sewerage companies of England are rolling out a new format for the CON29DW.        Learn more



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Delivered by the Water and Sewerage Companies of England and Wales, the CON29 Drainage and Water Enquiry provides
deal-breaking information regarding water and sewerage services for prospective property owners.

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  • Flood risk: SuDS consultation set to change existing planning systems in Spring 2015


    Following the Pitt Review into the cause of flooding in 2007, it was concluded that sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) would be the most effective way in preventing the issue happening again. SuDS slow the rate of surface water run-off and improve infiltration, mimicking natural drainage in both rural and urban areas. They are being used more widely in new developments to help improve drainage and avoid flood risk. As such, they reduce the challenges and risks to homebuyers and their professional advisors.

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  • The Law Society announces appointment of a new Chief Executive


    Catherine Dixon, has been announced as the new Chief Executive of the Law Society and will take over the lead role in January 2015.

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